Wellvita Alkaline Powder 200g

Maintaining a balanced pH is a vital metabolic function of the body. Poor diet, toxicity and deficiencies in important minerals and nutrients can affect the balance of this delicate scale. Wellvita Alkaline Powder, sodium- free alkalising formula, can assist in the maintenance of acid-base balance in the body.

    • Pleasant mint flavour
    • Sodium free
    • Helps regulate acid-base balance

    Each 7,5 g (one serving) contains: Mannitol 4,04 g, dicalcium phosphate 967 mg, potassium citrate 865 mg, postassium bicarbonate 778 mg, magnesium hydrogen citrate 310 mg, magnesium hydrogen phosphate 239 mg, calcium citrate 140 mg, corel calcium 100 mg and acerola 5 % extract 30 mg.
    * Contains sugar (mannitol).

    Stir one and a half teaspoons (approx 7.5 g) into a glass of water and drink daily on an empty stomach.