Immuno 2-Plus Value Pack

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A busy work schedule, stress and wrong diet choices can take a toll on your health, leaving you feeling less than your best. Wellvita® IMMUNO 2-PLUS is an easy and convenient way to support your immune system, so you can enjoy your active lifestyle. Each pack contains:

Wellvita IMMUNO Zinc + C is formulated with an advanced zinc amino acid chelate complex for optimal absorption and the maximum strength of vitamin C. Zinc and vitamin C are two essential micronutrients that play important functional roles in nutrition, immune support and maintenance of good health.

Wellvita IMMUNO Vit D3 is an essential element to maintaining normal immune system function. It also contributes to healthy muscle function and the development and maintenance of strong bones and teeth.

  • Once-a-day immune support
  • Maximum daily dose of vitamin C 1000 mg
  • Maximum daily dose of vitamin D3 1000 IU
  • Formulated with zinc amino acid chelate for better absorption

Wellvita IMMUNO Zinc + C: Each tablet contains Zinc amino acid chelate 125 mg (equivalent to 25 mg elemental zinc) and Vitamin C 1000 mg.

Wellvita IMMUNO Vit D3: Each tablet contains Vitamin D3 1000 IU.

Adults: Wellvita IMMUNO Zinc + C: Take one tablet daily. Wellvita IMMUNO Vit D3: Take one tablet daily after a meal.

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