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Wellvita Vegan Multivitamin is a daily multivitamin complex formulated without any animal derived ingredients to support special dietary choices. This all-inclusive formulation contains essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements that can help meet one’s daily nutritional needs and support everyday health. Suitable for vegans & vegetarians. Halaal certified.

  • Film-coated tablets
  • It is formulated with Vitamin D3, Vitamin C and Zinc to support the immune system
  • Vitamin B’s and  Panax ginseng assist with daily energy needs
  • Formulated with Biotin and Vitamin C to help maintain healthy skin
  • It's a great source of powerful antioxidants for cell protection against free radical damage
  • Supporting strong bones and teeth with Calcium and Vitamin D
  • Contains 13 essential vitamins and 10 minerals for maintenance of good health

Each tablet contains: Active ingredients: Vitamin A (as palmitate) 3500 IU, Vitamin B1 (as thiamine hydrochloride) 1.2 mg, Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 2 mg, Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide) 20 mg, Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride) 3 mg, Folic acid 200 mcg, Vitamin B12 1.5 mcg, Biotin 80 mcg, Vitamin B5 (as pantothenic acid) 6 mg, Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 60 mg, Vitamin D3 (Vitashine) 200 IU, Vitamin E 14 IU, Lutein (from Marigold) 100 mcg, Chromium (as amino acid chelate) 50 mcg, Copper (as sulphate) 0.5 mg, Iron (electrolytic) 15 mg, Magnesium (as oxide) 75 mg, Manganese (as sulphate) 1 mg, Zinc (as oxide) 6 mg, Calcium (from tri calcium phosphate) 100 mg, Iodine (as potassium iodide) 100 mcg, Phosphorous (from tri calcium phosphate & di potassium phosphate) 59 mg, Vitamin K1 1 mcg and Potassium (as di potassium phosphate) 20 mg.

Other ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, polyethylene glycol and coating. *Sugar free.

Adults: Take one tablet once a day, or as directed by your healthcare provider. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

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